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Selection 1

Reading Instruction
60 - 80 Minutes

Teacher Read Aloud
"Paca and Beetle," 26A

Preparing to Read
• Get Set: Background and Vocabulary, 27A
• Key Vocabulary, 27B; Transparency 1-1
• Selection Vocabulary, Practice Book, 3
• Strategy/ Skill Preview: Summarize, 27C
• Story Map; Transparency 1-2
• Practice Book, 4

Reading Segment 1
Akiak, 28-41
• Supporting Comprehension
• Strategy Focus: Summarize, 34

Wrapping Up Segment 1, 41

Reading Segment 2
Akiak, 42-51
• Supporting Comprehension
• Strategy Focus: Summarize, 48

Wrapping Up Segment 2, 51

• Comprehension Questions: Think About the Selection, 52
• Comprehension Check, Practice Book, 5

Rereading/ Revisiting the Text
• Comprehension: Story Structure, 39

Rereading / Revisiting the Text
• Writer’s Craft: Setting, 31
• Visual Literacy: Perspective, 45

Comprehension Skill Instruction
• Story Structure, 57A; Transparency 1-2
• Practice Book, 6-7

Comprehension Skill Instruction
• Reteaching Story Structure with Reader’s Library, R10

Reading the Social Studies Link
• "Go, Team Go!", 54-57
• Genre: Magazine Articles, 56

Information and Study Skills Instruction
• Parts of a Book, 57C

Rereading/ Revisiting the Text: Comprehension Review Skill Instruction
• Cause and Effect, 37
• Predicting Outcomes, 49

Rereading for Fluency
Akiak, 28-51

Activity Choices
• Responding Activities, 53
• Challenge/Extension Activities, R11
• Cross-Curricular Activities, R32-R33

Spiral Review, 57Q

Program Objectives

Students listen to the Read Aloud for elements of the story structure.
Students read Segment 2 to identify elements of story.
Students identify story elements of characters, plot, and setting.
Students identify ways in which changing one story element can change a story.
Students map the plot of a story.
Students identify parts of a book, including the title page, copyright page, contents, body, glossary, and index.
Students find information using the various parts of a book.
Students identify the relationships between causes and effects in the selection.

Resources for Meeting Individual Needs

Get Set for Reading: CD-ROM:


Reader’s Library:
Sky by Julia Hanna


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