Meet the Illustrator

Terry Widener

Portrait of Terry Widener

Terry Widener was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. After he got his college degree in fine arts from the University of Tulsa, he became a graphic designer. But he had a feeling that his art would take him in another direction. "Early in my career, I almost always included illustration in my graphic design work, so my decision to become an illustrator was easy," he recalls. But even after he started illustrating full time, 14 years passed before he illustrated a children's book. Widener is pleased that today, children's books feature many styles of art. "This makes books more exciting for children," he says. Widener and his wife, an art director, live in McKinney, Texas.

Terry Widener says, "When I illustrate, my hope is to create a beautiful book. My part of the book is to make the author's words come alive visually. My aim is to show the emotions and events that authors write about in their stories."

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Other Books Illustrated by Terry Widener

  • The Babe and I
    (written by David A. Adler)
  • Tambourine Moon
    (written by Joy Jones)
  • America's Champion Swimmer: Gertrude Ederle
    (written by David A. Adler)
  • Peg and the Whale
    (written by Kenneth Oppel)
  • Shoe Magic
    (written by Nikki Grimes)