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Chris K. Soentpiet

Portrait of Chris K. Soentpiet

Chris Soentpiet (pronounced soon-peet) was just 16 when he used watercolors for the first time. Right away, he says, "I knew watercolors were what I wanted to work with…. I loved it." He was in a high school art class at the time, and he created ten paintings in the class. His work was so good that his teacher sent copies of it to art schools all over the country. The teacher's efforts paid off. Soentpiet won a scholarship to the Pratt Institute in New York City.

Soentpiet knew that he would make a living as an artist, but he didn't know what kind of artist he'd be. Then children's book artist Ted Lewin saw Soentpiet's work and encouraged him to try illustrating books too. More than 13 books later, Soentpiet is happy with his choice.

After Chris Soentpiet does research about the topic and the setting of a book, he hires models to pose as the main characters. He even puts makeup on them and creates costumes for them if necessary! Then he shoots about 60 rolls of film as the models play out the parts. The photographs help him as he paints.

Chris K. Soentpiet
You can learn more about Chris K. Soentpiet at his Web site.

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    (written by Marie Bradby)
  • Peacebound Trains
    (written by Haemi Balgassi)
  • A Sign
    (written by George Ella Lyon)
  • So Far from the Sea
    (written by Eve Bunting)
  • Something Beautiful
    (written by Sharon Dennis Wyeth)
  • The Silence in the Mountains
    (written by Liz Rosenberg)
  • Molly Bannaky
    (written by Alice McGill)
  • Where Is Grandpa?
    (written by T. A. Barron)
  • Momma, Where Are You From?
    (written by Marie Bradby)

Books Written and Illustrated by Chris K. Soentpiet

  • Around Town