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Jerdine Nolen

Portrait of Jerdine Nolen

What's it like to be one of eight children in a family? Jerdine Nolen knows! She says that as a child, she had to have a good sense of humor because she didn't have much space. Also, since there was always something to do and people to do it with, she was never bored.

Jerdine Nolen is still quite busy. She is an author, a wife, a mother (of two), and a teacher. She loves writing and is happy to have her stories edited. She likes having an editor who cares enough about her work to want to make it better.

  • Jerdine Nolen adds this note when she signs copies of Raising Dragons: "… because dragons too seldom share our lives."
  • To share her love of books with others, Jerdine Nolen puts on a special program. It is called "Time With the Author."

Jerdine Nolen
You can learn more about Jerdine Nolen at her own Web site. If you like, you can also answer her "Fun Stuff" questions online!

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    (illustrated by Martin Matje)
  • Harvey Potter's Balloon Farm
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