Meet the Author/Photographer

Evelyn Clarke Mott

Portrait of Evelyn Clarke Mott

Evelyn Clarke Mott enjoys each step needed to write a children's book. First, she likes gathering facts about her topic through research. Next, she enjoys writing the words and taking the photos. Finally, she loves teaching children about a topic through the finished book. And when she visits schools, she feels like a movie star when kids ask for her autograph!

  • A photo of Olive, Evelyn Clarke Mott's dog, is in one of her books. Olive is shown swimming in a pool.
  • One of Evelyn Clarke Mott's books is about auto racing. For that book, she had to take photos of a car moving at more than 180 miles per hour!

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Other Books Written and with Photographs by Evelyn Clarke Mott

  • Balloon Ride
  • Steam Train Ride
  • A Day at the Races with Austin and Kyle Petty
    (written with Brian Asack)