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Ken Mochizuki

Portrait of Ken Mochizuki

Ken Mochizuki has lived in Seattle, Washington, for nearly all his life. He has also worked with words in one way or another for much of his life. Before he began writing children's books, he was an actor and later a journalist. Today he gives presentations to schools and others on his work as a children's book author.

Passage to Freedom was Mochizuki's first attempt to write children's nonfiction. He approached the story as a journalist would, gathering all the facts of the story first. Then he had to figure out how he could tell the story from the point of view of a five-year-old boy. The more he worked on the book, the more he realized that he needed to tell the story in the first person, as if he were that young boy himself.

Ken Mochizuki feels that Passage to Freedom is about these questions: "Does one do what is considered 'correct' at the time? Or does one do what is 'right' for all time?" With a partner, think of other situations in which people have had to decide what action was right. How do you think you would respond in such situations?

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