Meet the Author

Angela Shelf Medearis

Portrait of Angela Shelf Medearis

Angela Shelf Medearis was born in Virginia. Her family moved often, though, because her father was in the Air Force. She says that at each new place, "I knew there would always be a library, a friendly librarian, and my favorite books there to greet me. It made a new school and new friends much easier to deal with."

In grade school, Angela Shelf Medearis's teachers told her that she wrote well. She was thirty years old, however, before she decided to try to earn a living as a writer. She enjoys history, and spends a lot of time researching African-American history for her books. As a bonus, her research often leads to ideas for new books.

  • Many people are surprised to learn that Angela Shelf Medearis also writes cookbooks.
  • Kids sometimes send fan letters to this author. In her favorite letter a child wrote, "Dear Mrs. Medearis, Thank you for telling us about being a writer. I love your stories. When I grow up, I want to be a waitress."
  • Angela Shelf Medearis enjoys seeing movies and plays.

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Other Books Written by Angela Shelf Medearis

  • Annie's Gifts
    (illustrated by Anna Rich)
  • Poppa's Itchy Christmas
    (illustrated by John Ward)
  • Princess of the Press: The Story of Ida B. Wells-Barnett
  • Rum-A-Tum-Tum
    (illustrated by James E. Ransome)
  • The Singing Man
    (illustrated by Terea Shaffer)
  • Too Much Talk
    (illustrated by Stefano Vitale)
  • The Adventures of Sugar and Junior
    (illustrated by Nancy Poydar)
  • Seven Spools of Thread: A Kwanzaa Story
    (illustrated by Daniel Minter)