Meet the Author/Illustrator

Michael McCurdy

Portrait of Michael McCurdy

When he was a boy, Michael McCurdy loved printing. "I wanted above all to print things," he says. "I wanted to set type, smell printers' ink, hear the clank of presses, and produce little newspapers. I wanted to put words together in a way that would please the eye." Later, after studying art and then teaching it, his dream finally came true. He started his own press, where he made fine books by hand.

Today, Michael McCurdy still loves working on printed things. He designs and illustrates both his own books and books written by others. Some are children's books, and some are books for adults. He has designed cover and jacket art for books and magazines and made posters and prints. His art has also been shown in one-person and group shows.

  • Michael McCurdy once won a traveling scholarship from an art school. He used it by spending four months traveling in Europe and Eastern Europe.
  • This author/illustrator enjoys reading biographies and history.
  • He and his wife have two children, Heather and Mark.

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Other Books Written and Illustrated by Michael McCurdy

  • Hannah's Farm: The Seasons on an Early American Homestead
  • An Algonquian Year: The Year According to the Full Moon

Other Books Illustrated by Michael McCurdy

  • The Sailor's Alphabet
    (text from an old sea chantey)
  • American Fairy Tales: From Rip Van Winkle to the Rootabaga Stories
    (compiled by Neil Philip)
  • American Tall Tales
    (written by Mary Pope Osborne)
  • The Bone Man: A Native American Modoc Tale
    (written by Laura Simms)
  • Giants in the Land
    (written by Diana Appelbaum)
  • Lucy's Summer
    (written by Donald Hall)
  • The Seasons Sewn: A Year in Patchwork
    (written by Ann Whitford Paul)