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Peg Kehret

Portrait of Peg Kehret

Peg Kehret (pronounced "carrot") likes to write about ordinary kids who find themselves in extraordinary situations and use their wits to solve their problems — kids who are a lot like Kehret herself when she was growing up.

At age 12, Kehret found out she had polio and became paralyzed from the neck down. Because she remembers that experience and her year of recovery so well, she says, she finds it easy to write from a kid's viewpoint. Kehret wrote her autobiography, Small Steps: The Year I Got Polio, about that period in her life.

Before she began writing for children, Kehret published plays, short stories, articles, and two books for adults.

Kehret says Small Steps is her favorite book because it's her own true story. Among her fiction stories, her favorites are Cages, The Richest Kids in Town, and Searching for Candlestick Park.

Peg Kehret
You can learn more about Peg Kehret at her Web site.

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