Meet the Illustrator

Jill Kastner

Portrait of Jill Kastner

Even as a child, Jill Kastner wanted to be an artist. She studied art in college, including a year in Rome, Italy. She works on picture books for children as well as book jackets and books for older readers. The picture books, though, are her favorites.

Jill Kastner loves the outdoors. As a girl she hiked, camped, and tubed down river rapids.

Sitting for hours at a drawing table can be rough. Afterwards, Jill Kastner perks herself up by exercising.

Photography Credit

Barry Korbman/Mercury Pictures

Other Books Illustrated by Jill Kastner

  • The Stone Dancers
    (written by Nora B. Martin)
  • Aurora Means Dawn
    (written by Scott Russell Sanders)
  • Far North
    (written by Will Hobbs)
  • Song for the Ancient Forest
    (written by Nancy Luenn)
  • The Lizard Man of Crabtree County
    (written by Lucy A. Nolan)

Book Written and Illustrated by Jill Kastner

  • Barnyard Big Top