Meet the Author

Amy Hest

Portrait of Amy Hest

Amy Hest lives in the part of New York City known as Manhattan. Her first book was published about the time her first child was born. In fact, families are important in many of her books. Amy Hest's own childhood was very happy. She spent time reading, riding her bike — and spying! She thinks that writers need to be good spies in order to know what they are writing about.

  • One of Amy Hest's most important writing tools is a trash can. She keeps it next to her desk because she makes a lot of mistakes.
  • Ice cream, especially pecan ice cream, is Amy Hest's favorite treat.

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Other Books Written by Amy Hest

  • Mabel Dancing
    (illustrated by Christine Davenier)
  • Gabby Growing Up
    (illustrated by Amy Schwartz)
  • How to Get Famous in Brooklyn
    (illustrated by Linda D. Sawaya)
  • The Purple Coat
    (illustrated by Amy Schwartz)
  • Nana's Birthday Party
    (illustrated by Amy Schwartz)
  • Pajama Party
    (illustrated by Irene Trivas)
  • Party on Ice
    (illustrated by Irene Trivas)