Meet the Author

Maggie Rugg Herold

Portrait of Maggie Rugg Herold

After Maggie Rugg Herold finished college in Ohio, she saved money to travel overseas to Jordan, Turkey, and Greece. She calls these travels "an eye-opening experience" because she learned firsthand about cultures very different from her own.

Much later, when Herold's friend Catherine Stock became a United States citizen, she invited Herold to celebrate the event. As they talked, Stock suggested that Herold should write a children's story about becoming a citizen. Stock offered to illustrate the story. A Very Important Day is the result.

Maggie Rugg Herold remembers being a storyteller at an early age. "My first stories, when I was very young, were about a family called the Pottslunchers; I pretended they lived in the attic." Unfortunately, a playmate demanded to meet them, which put an end to the Pottslunchers. But then, Herold recalls, "my sister came along and was eager for stories, which I gladly made up at bedtime to put off going to sleep."

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