Meet the Author

Mirra Ginsburg

Portrait of Mirra Ginsburg

Mirra Ginsburg was born in the small town of Bobruisk (buh-BROO-isk) in the country of Byelorussia. Living there was like living in another century. There was no electricity and no running water. When it rained on the town's dirt roads, pigs and piglets would splash in the puddles and wallow in the mud. Sometimes Ginsburg liked to play barefoot alongside them!

As a child in Byelorussia, Ginsburg learned to love books. Once when visiting a friend, she noticed several books of folk tales and began to read. She still remembers that moment. "I opened one of the books, and was captured for life. The magical world has stayed with me ever since."

  • Ginsburg learned from her father to love nature. She felt so at home outdoors, she did her first writing sitting in the middle of her family's currant bushes.
  • Folk tales are Ginsburg's favorite kind of story and she especially loves those from her native land. "There is so much richness and wit and beauty here, why not share them with American children?" she once asked.

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    (illustrated by Byron Barton)