Meet the Author/Illustrator

Michael Foreman

Portrait of Michael Foreman

Michael Foreman was born in an English fishing village. His mother ran the village shop. While he never had children's books, he did get to read the newspapers and magazines sold in the shop.

At the age of fifteen, Michael Foreman began to study art. His first children's book was published while he was still a student. Since then he has written and/or illustrated many, many children's books. He has also worked on magazines, book jackets, animated films, and TV ads. He even worked for the police, sketching criminals described by witnesses.

Many of Michael Foreman's own books are based on his real-life experiences. But he also likes the challenge of illustrating other writers' books. Their subjects are new to him, so he must do research to learn about those subjects. "This is another kind of journey and can be just as rewarding," he says.

  • Michael Foreman's London house is 300 years old. Some of its beams were once ships' timbers. He has wondered about the stories those old beams could tell.
  • On his trips around the world, Michael Foreman has traveled by plane, train, bus, snow scooter, and mule. He even rode a sled pulled by reindeer!

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Other Books Written and Illustrated by Michael Foreman

  • War Boy: A Country Childhood
  • After the War Was Over
  • Jack's Fantastic Voyage

Other Books Illustrated by Michael Foreman

  • Farm Boy
    (written by Michael Morpurgo)
  • The Tiger Who Lost His Stripes
    (written by Anthony Paul)
  • Peter's Place
    (written by Sally Grindley)