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Bill Farnsworth

Portrait of Bill Farnsworth

Bill Farnsworth knew from an early age that he wanted to be an artist, and he began working to become one. Since graduating from art school and beginning his long career, Farnsworth has illustrated more than 15 children's books and more than 70 covers of young adult books.

Farnsworth spends a great deal of time doing research. He goes to the location of a story, if he can, and takes photographs and draws sketches before he begins creating illustrations for the story. Such research has taken him from his Florida home to places like Montana and Minnesota. "After I've done the research," he says, "my goal is to give the viewer a sense of what the main character in the story is feeling, so you can imagine yourself actually there!"

To create the illustrations for Climb or Die, Bill Farnsworth had his daughter pose as a model for Danielle. The model for Jake was the boy who mows Farnsworth's lawn!

Bill Farnsworth
You can learn more about Bill Farnsworth at his Web site.

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