Meet the Author

Margery Facklam

When Margery Facklam was a young girl, she didn't know she wanted to be a writer, but she did know she loved science. Her family lived in Buffalo, New York, and she spent every Saturday at the Buffalo Museum of Science. When she was in high school, she worked after school and on Saturdays in the reptile house at the Buffalo Zoo. The director of the zoo was Marlin Perkins, who went on to host Wild Kingdom, a popular television series in the 1960s and 1970s. Facklam says, "He taught me more about snakes than any number of college courses ever could do." During college she majored in biology and took care of a colony of porcupines and other animals. "I even know how to give a porcupine a bath!" she says.

After college, Facklam got married and raised five children. When her oldest child started college, Facklam went back to work, taking a job first at a science museum and then at an aquarium and a zoo. She also began writing books, mostly about science. Often she works on a book with one or more of her family members. She has co-written books with her husband, Howard Facklam, a biology teacher, and with her daughter, Margaret Thomas. Her son Paul Facklam sometimes illustrates her work.

When she was a girl, Margery Facklam read many books about explorers. She decided that she wanted to be an explorer herself, especially in the Galapagos Islands and the Gobi Desert. Although she did not become that type of explorer, Facklam says, "I am a kind of explorer in a small way as I research books." Her writing career also has led her to visit the Galapagos Islands and the Gobi Desert. Her childhood dream came true after all, in a way she never expected!

Other Books Written by Margery Facklam

  • Wild Animals, Gentle Women
  • Changes in the Wind: Earth's Shifting Climate
    (with Howard Facklam)
  • Spare Parts for People
    (with Howard Facklam)
  • Do Not Disturb: The Mysteries of Hibernation and Sleep
    (illustrated by Pamela Johnson)
  • And Then There Was One: The Mysteries of Animal Extinction
    (illustrated by Pamela Johnson)
  • Bees Dance and Whales Sing: The Mysteries of Animal Communication
    (illustrated by Pamela Johnson)
  • The Kids' World Almanac of Amazing Facts About Numbers, Math, and Money
    (with Margaret Thomas)
  • Who Harnessed the Horse? The Story of Animal Domestication
    (illustrated by Steven Parton)
  • The Big Bug Book
    (illustrated by Paul Facklam)
  • Creepy, Crawly Caterpillars
    (illustrated by Paul Facklam)
  • What's the Buzz? The Secret Life of Bees
  • Crabs and Other Crusty Creatures
    (illustrated by Paul Facklam)