Meet the Author

Andrew Clements

Andrew Clements grew up in a family that loved reading. In kindergarten, he was already a good reader. One of his favorite places was the school library. His love for books has continued, and it has led him to careers as a teacher, as an editor, and as a writer.

Andrew Clements has this to say about his time as a teacher: "… I loved reading good books with kids — the kids at school and also the four boys my wife and I had at home. As a teacher, it was a thrill to read a book aloud, and see a whole class listen so carefully to every word, dying to know what would happen next. And I was amazed at the wonderful discussions a good book can spark. Good books make good things happen in real life. They can make a big difference. So when I was given the chance to start writing for children, I jumped at it."

  • Andrew Clements lives in Westborough, Massachusetts. His four sons are named John, Nathaniel, George, and Charles.
  • This author writes early readers, picture books, and novels for middle graders. He has also helped to translate books written in other languages.

Other Books Written by Andrew Clements

  • Big Al
    (illustrated by Yoshi)
  • Double Trouble in Walla Walla
    (illustrated by Salvatore Murdocca)
  • Temple Cat
    (illustrated by Kate Kiesler)
  • Who Owns the Cow?
    (illustrated by Joan Landis)
  • Workshop
    (illustrated by David Wisniewski)