Meet the Illustrator

Thomas B. Allen

Portrait of Thomas B. Allen

Thomas B. Allen was born in Nashville, Tennessee. As a child, he played in the nearby woods and creeks. He took his first art lessons at the age of nine, and then he went on to study painting in college. For a time, he served in the U.S. Marine Corps. He later taught college courses in design and illustration. As well as books, he has illustrated magazines, pieces for TV networks, and record covers.

For three years, Thomas B. Allen lived in a cabin on a pond in the state of New York. He could see the water as he painted, drew, and wrote poems. The animals who lived in or visited the pond — fish, frogs, waterbugs, rabbits, geese, muskrats, deer, birds, and raccoons — kept him entertained. He no longer lives in that cabin, but he still loves spending time with nature.

  • Thomas B. Allen enjoys traveling. His journeys have taken him to a number of countries, including many in Central America and in Europe. He even visited Cuba when he was twelve.
  • When asked to tell about things he's done, this illustrator said, "Won some awards. Caught a whole lot of fish….Found my calling as an illustrator of books for children."

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Other Books Illustrated by Thomas B. Allen

  • Good-bye for Today: The Diary of a Young Girl at Sea
    (written by Peter and Connie Roop)
  • Climbing Kansas Mountains
    (written by George Shannon)
  • Good-bye, Charles Lindbergh
    (written by Louise Borden)
  • A Green Horn Blowing
    (written by David F. Birchman)
  • Summer Wheels
    (written by Eve Bunting)
  • Blackberries in the Dark
    (written by Mavis Jukes)
  • The Chalk Box Kid
    (written by Clyde Robert Bulla)
  • In Coal Country
    (written by Judith Hendershot)