Grade 6

Theme 2: What Really Happened?

Amelia Earhart: First Lady of Flight

Amelia Earhart: First Lady of Flight by Jan Parr

Grolier Publishing

Meet the Author

When she was about eight years old, Jan Parr wrote a newspaper containing news from her neighborhood and her own drawings. She sold it for five cents. Parr says that reading a great deal has always helped her think like a writer: “When I'm reading a lot, I walk around ‘writing’ in my head. I've always done that. So if I'm walking down the street, I hear, ‘She was walking down the street.’” In her career, Parr leads a double life. In one part, she writes children's books. In the other part, she uses her many years of experience in journalism to edit and write for magazines for adults. Although these are two very different kinds of writing, she thinks they have some important things in common. “In both, you need to be clear, to the point, and direct,” says Parr.

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