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Alexander Graham Bell 1847–1922
Inventor of the Telephone

Alexander Graham Bell was always interested in the human voice. His father was a speech teacher and his mother was deaf. Bell liked learning about voices and sounds. This interest led to his greatest invention, the telephone.

Bell grew up in Scotland and later moved to the United States. He worked as a professor in Boston, teaching speech to deaf students. Bell was also interested in inventing new things. In 1874, he started working on the invention that became the first telephone. Two years later, he tried it out. He spoke into it and asked his assistant, Mr. Watson, to come to the room. Watson came running. It worked!

Bell made other inventions. He also worked for the education of the deaf. But he will always be best known as the inventor of the telephone.

Comprehension Check

What led Bell to invent the telephone?

Critical Thinking

In what ways did the telephone change people's everyday lives?