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Julee Panton (1700s-1800s)
African American Property Owner in the 1800s

Julee Panton lived in Pensacola, Florida, at a time when slavery was legal. A free woman, Panton earned a living by making candles and by baking.

Many people believe that Panton spent the money she earned to buy the freedom of enslaved African Americans. When they were free, she helped them set up better lives.

Today, people can visit the Julee Cottage in Pensacola. It's a museum on the Black Heritage Trail that looks like the house Panton built in 1804. The museum has an exhibit about African American life in West Florida.

Comprehension Check

In what way did Julee Panton spend the money she earned?

Critical Thinking

What word would you use to describe Julee Panton? Explain your answer.