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Chapter 15: Rome's Decline and Legacy

The Internet offers a range of social studies resources, including Web sites of museums, government agencies, educational institutions, and the news media. Listed below are links to some outstanding ancient history Web sites. Use them to learn more about the themes, ideas, and events in the lessons and the Connect to Today feature in this chapter.

Lesson 1: An Empire in Decline

The Roman Empire (27 B.C.A.D. 393)
A nice summary of the political history of the Roman Empire, with illustrations of artifacts, from the site of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Constantine Converts to Christianity
A short biography of Constantine, with illustrations and a map.
Rome: The Late Empire
Washington State University “World Civilizations” site describes the late Roman Empire period under emperors Diocletian and Constantine.

Lesson 2: The Fall of the Roman Empire

The Fall of Rome
Utah State University site describes the fall of Rome and discusses the Germanic peoples who invaded Roman territory.
The Germanic Invasions of Western Europe
Many interesting maps are part of a discussion of the Germanic invasions of the Roman Empire, on this University of Calgary site.

Lesson 3: The Byzantine Empire

The Byzantine Empire
A detailed discussion of the Byzantine Empire, on Washington State University's “World Civilizations” site. Includes information on the differences between the church in the east and in the west.
The Reign of Justinian, A.D. 527–575
University of Kansas site covers Justinian's life and achievements. Includes several maps.

Lesson 4: The Legacy of Rome

The Role of Greek in Latin Literature
Middlebury College site contains summary of the role of Greek literary styles in Roman literature.
The Middle Byzantine Period
The spread of Christianity during the Byzantium Empire is discussed on the Metropolitan Museum of Art's “The Glory of Byzantium” site.
The Latin Language
Site provides background information on Latin, the ancestor of modern Romance languages.

Connect to Today: Roman Influences Today

An engaging, interactive site from the Public Broadcasting System series “Building Big.” Covers all aspects of domes and includes illustrations and information on famous domes worldwide.
The Roads of Rome
A site designed for students that provides information on the construction of Roman roads, with maps and many illustrations.
The National Highway System
U.S. government site covers the national highway system in the United States. Includes maps of interstate highways in each state.

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