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Chapter 11: Ancient Greece

The Internet offers a range of social studies resources, including Web sites of museums, government agencies, educational institutions, and the news media. Listed below are links to some outstanding ancient history Web sites. Use them to learn more about the themes, ideas, and events in the lessons and the Daily Life feature in this chapter.

Lesson 1: The Geography of Greece

Welcome to Greece!
A student-friendly, interactive site from Emory University that provides a good introduction to ancient Greece. Has information on the people, daily life, and geography, including a map.

Lesson 2: Beliefs and Customs

A good discussion of Homer's The Iliad and of The Odyssey and the importance of these works in the lives of the ancient Greeks, on Washington State University's “World Civilizations” site.

Lesson 3: The City-State and Democracy

Greeks: The Democratic Experiment
This British Broadcasting site offers a discussion of what Greek democracy was actually like and how it was different from the 21st-century kind.
Polis: City-State
Washington State University's “World Civilization” site describes the rise of what it calls “the single greatest political innovation of the ancient Greeks,” the city-state.

Lesson 4: Sparta and Athens

Ancient Greek Civilizations
Nicely illustrated discussions of life in Athens and in Sparta. Part of the “Cities of Greece” section on Minnesota State University's EMuseum Web page.
The Persian Wars
An easy-to-understand chronology of the Persian Wars, from a Boise State University site.

Daily Life: Life in the Agora

Quick Tour of the Classical Athenian Agora
A detailed look at the Agora of Athens in pictures and text, from a Lake Forest College site. Includes a diagram with locations of major structures.
The Ancient Agora of Athens
A brief history of the Agora of Athens, with photos of its archaeological remains, from the Web site of the Ministry of Culture in Greece.
Greece: Daily Life
Student friendly Emory University site covers various aspects of daily life, including where the ancient Greeks lived, what they did, what they ate, and what they wore.

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