Houghton Mifflin: World History: Ancient Civilizations
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Chapter 8: Ancient China

The Internet offers a range of social studies resources, including Web sites of museums, government agencies, educational institutions, and the news media. Listed below are links to some outstanding ancient history Web sites. Use them to learn more about the themes, ideas, and events in the lessons in this chapter.

Lesson 1: Geography Shapes Life in Ancient China

A comprehensive overview of ancient China from Minnesota State University's emuseum. Includes a timeline and many maps.
Ancient China
This British Museum site is a virtual exhibit on ancient China. Contains maps, photographs of the region and of artifacts, a glossary, and several interactive challenges for students.
A Visual Sourcebook of Chinese Civilization
An excellent site on Chinese civilization, with dozens of photographs and maps, from the University of Washington.

Lesson 2: China's Ancient Philosophies

A brief overview for students of the main features of Taoism (Daoism), with links to other belief systems, including Confucianism. Prepared by the Oswego City School District in New York.

Lesson 3: The Qin and the Han

Early Imperial China
Site provides information on the rule of emperors Shi Huangdi and Wudi through links from timelines of the Qin and Han dynasties.
Han Dynasty
An overview of life during the Han dynasty, with illustrations and a map showing the Great Wall, from Minnesota State University's emuseum.
Han Dynasty (206 B.C.A.D. 220)
From a Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York City) site, a summary of the accomplishments of the Han Dynasty with links to works of art from its collection.

Lesson 4: The Legacy of Ancient China

The Silk Road Project
An overview of the rich history of trade and cultural exchange along the routes that crisscrossed Eurasia from the first millennium B.C. through the middle of the second millennium A.D. Includes a map.
Chinese Science and Culture
Site for students that provides information on, and illustrations of, China's many inventions, especially those in agriculture and transportation.
Ancient Trade Routes Between Europe and Asia
An overview of ancient trade routes connecting Europe and Asia, including the Silk Road, from New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. Includes a good map of trade routes.

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