Houghton Mifflin: World History: Ancient Civilizations
Chapter Assessment Technology Activities

Chapter 9: Ancient America

Writing a Video Script

Use the Internet or the library to find out about the hardships archaeologists and explorers suffered to uncover information about the Maya. Then work with a group of classmates to write a video script for a documentary about the explorers.

Internet Resources

The Palenque Project
Official Web site of the Palenque Project, an archaeological site in Palenque, Mexico. Provides photos of the project and reports on the excavations.
Lords of Copán
National Geographic's comprehensive site on the excavations at Copán, Honduras. Includes virtual tours, and reports on the excavations.
Occupational Hazards for Archaeologists: Snakes
Article by an archaeologist discussing his encounters with snakes, one of the hazards often found during excavations in the Americas.
Voyage Into Archaeology
An interactive site that allows visitors to explore the world of the archaeologist, from Simon Frasier University in Canada.
A gateway site with links to several Central American archaeological sites.

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