Houghton Mifflin: World History: Ancient Civilizations
Chapter Assessment Technology Activities

Chapter 7: Ancient India

Designing a Web Page

Use the Internet and the library to find out more about Buddhism in the United States. Then design a Web page, using pictures, maps, or graphs to convey the information.

Internet Resources

Buddhism in the West
A general discussion of how Buddhism spread to the West, including the United States.
Urban Dharma–America
This is a gateway site that provides dozens of links covering many topics on Buddhism in the United States. One link, “Top 20 Religions in America,” has helpful statistics on Buddhists in the United States.
Buddhism Evolves as Followers Multiply
An overview and historical chronology of Buddhism in the United States today, from an article archived on the Poughkeepsie Journal Web site.
Buddhist Association of the United States
Site of the Buddhist Association of the United States, a group associated with the Mahayana tradition of Buddhism. Many photos of its monastery in New York State.
American Buddhist Congress
The Web site of the American Buddhist Congress. Contains a journal with articles about Buddhism and a list of some well-known Buddhists.

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