Houghton Mifflin: World History: Ancient Civilizations
Chapter Assessment Technology Activities

Chapter 6: Kush and Other African Kingdoms

Creating a Newsletter

Use the Internet and the library to research desertification. Create a newsletter about the topic.

Internet Resources

A general discussion of deserts and their characteristics for students from the Missouri Botanical Garden.
An explanation of desertification from the United States Geological Survey.
Deforestation and Desertification: Creeping Sand
This National Geographic site discusses desertification in Africa and has several satellite photos showing the process.
Facts and Figures: Desertification and Drought
An excellent site with a map, charts, photos, and text discussing the causes and impact of desertification around the world, presented by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization.
The Earth's Evolving Drylands
An electronic exhibit about the world's drylands, from the Smithsonian Institution.

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