Houghton Mifflin: World History: Ancient Civilizations
Chapter Assessment Technology Activities

Chapter 4: Early Empires

Making a Multimedia Presentation

Use the Internet or printed sources to find illustrations of Mesopotamian or Persian objects found by archaeologists. Work with a small group to make a multimedia presentation.

Internet Resources

The Royal Tombs at Ur
Site from the McClung Museum at the University of Tennessee Knoxville shows many of the artifacts of ancient Mesopotamia found in the Royal Tombs of Ur.
Medes and Persians
Images and descriptions of various Persian artifacts, including sculpture and jewelry, shown on the University of Alabama at Birmingham's Images from World History site.
Ancient Near Eastern Art
Site from the Metropolitan Museum of Art has many pages of artifacts from its Near Eastern cultures collection.
Persepolis/Ancient Iran
Site from the Detroit Institute of Arts contains photos and details of Persian artifacts.
Classzone: Creating a Multimedia Presentation
Classzone's page on how to create a multimedia presentation.

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