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Kid Action!

Lily Thorpe is showing kids that they really can make a difference in politics even though they may not be old enough to vote. This student from Grand Junction, Colorado, started an organization called Kids Campaign.

“Kids weren't getting enough of a say in politics,” Thorpe told Weekly Reader. “Grown-ups who vote are making the decisions for us. Kids can have a voice.”

Kids Campaign is a political action committee. Political action committees tell elected officials about different causes. In Thorpe's case, Kids Campaign brings children's issues to the attention of politicians.

Kids Campaign grew out of a concern that Thorpe had about her school library. She noticed that many of her school library's books and encyclopedias were outdated. To help schools in Colorado get money for education and supplies, she started Kids Campaign.

In the name of kids everywhere, Thorpe is making her voice heard and is hoping that politicians are listening. She is busy meeting politicians and speaking with them about kids' causes.

Thorpe has some advice for grown-ups. She encourages them to talk to kids about their voting choices. That way, she says, it helps make voting “a family decision.”