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The Writing Process

The writing process has five steps that help you to write an essay. Read about the writing process, and see how one student used it to write a paragraph on geysers.

1. Prewriting

In the prewriting step you choose and explore your topic, identify your audience and purpose for writing, conduct research, organize your ideas, and plan your essay.

Prewriting Tip: Use graphic organizers to help you brainstorm. Also ask for help choosing the best research resources.

Topic: The Yurok Indians
What I Know What I Want to Learn Possible Sources
They live in northern California. How did they survive? books about Native Americans, online encyclopedia articles

2. Drafting

The drafting step is where you begin to write your essay.

Drafting Tip: When you draft, don't worry about mistakes. Just keep writing.

The Yurok Indians

3. Revising

The revising step is where you read over your draft. You can change things that don't make sense or need more information.

Revising Tip: Have a conference with a teacher or classmate. Ask them to read your essay and make suggestions.

The Yurok Indians

4. Proofreading

The proofreading step is where you correct any errors in spelling, capitalization, and punctuation. You can also make your sentences smoother and correct your word choices.

Proofreading Tip: As you read your essay, circle words you need to fix or check in the dictionary for correct spelling or capitalization.

The Yurok Indians

5. Publishing

The publishing step is where you decide how you want to publish the final copy of your essay.

Publishing Tip: Some ways of publishing your story are reading it aloud to the class, posting it on the Internet, submitting it to your teacher, or making a class book.