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Jerry Yang 1969–
Co-Founder of Yahoo!

Have you ever done research on the Internet? If you have, then you might have used Yahoo! to find information. Yahoo! is an online guide to finding Web sites. Jerry Yang and David Filo started it when they were students at Stanford University in California.

Yang was born in Taiwan. He moved to San Jose, California, when he was 10 years old. He spoke little English when he arrived, but he learned quickly. Yang went to college just when the Internet was becoming popular. He and Filo enjoyed surfing the Internet, and they started Yahoo! to keep track of their favorite websites. Soon their friends began using it, too. As word spread, hundreds of people began using their guide. It was known then as “Jerry and David's Guide to the World Wide Web.” Later, they changed the name to Yahoo!

Yang and Filo turned Yahoo! into a business in 1995. Today, Yahoo! Inc. is one of California's most successful communications businesses. Yang still leads the company.

Comprehension Check

Why did Yang and Filo start Yahoo!?

Critical Thinking

Why is Yahoo! important to California's economy?