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Toypurina 1761?-?
Led a Revolt at Mission San Gabriel

Toypurina was a child when Junípero Serra started the San Gabriel Mission near her village. She was part of the Tongva nation. Growing up, she saw the way the mission forced the Tongva to change their way of life. These changes made her angry.

As a young woman, Toypurina was a shaman, or wise woman. Many Tongva believed she had special powers. In 1785, she led an uprising at the mission.

Toypurina was not the only California Indian who did not like the missions. Those who were forced to live or work on the missions sometimes did their work wrong on purpose or worked as slowly as they could. California Indians revolted at the San Diego and Santa Barbara missions, as well.

Comprehension Check

What did Toypurina do in 1785?

Critical Thinking

What caused Toypurina and other California Indians to revolt against the missions?