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Cindy La Marr
Educator and California Indian Community Leader

“The work I do for my community is my way of honoring my ancestors,” says Cindy La Marr. La Marr is a member of the Pit River/Paiute nation. She has leadership positions in many organizations that work for better health and education for California Indians and American Indians.

La Marr is proud of her parents and ancestors. She says her parents taught her to value education. Her grandparents and great-grandparents were leaders in their communities. La Marr believes education gives people more opportunities and a better life. She is also helping to plan a California Indian Heritage Center. She thinks that California Indians need to know about the religions, languages, and cultures of their ancestors.

La Marr believes the best way to honor the past is to work for the future. She wants to keep making a positive difference in the lives of American Indians in California and beyond.

Comprehension Check

What does Cindy La Marr do to honor her ancestors?

Critical Thinking

Draw conclusions about why a good education gives people more opportunities and a better life.