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Edward Castillo
Professor and Writer

Edward Castillo is a college professor at Sonoma State University. He teaches about American Indian history and culture. Castillo finds that many students enter college knowing almost nothing about California Indian history. He believes children in California should know the history of their state's first people.

Castillo himself is a California Indian. He is a member of the Cahuilla and Luiseño nations. He did not learn about California Indian history in school. He listened to his grandparents talk about the past.

Castillo has researched the missions and their effect on California Indians. He wants children to know the California Indians' side of the story. He has been working on a teacher's guide for the public schools. He hopes it will show children and their teachers “a part of the history of California that they might have missed.”

Comprehension Check

What subject does Castillo want schools to teach more?

Critical Thinking

Why is it important for California schools to teach the history of their first people?