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Arcadia Bandini Stearns Baker 1825?-1912
Early Los Angeles Citizen

Arcadia Bandini was born in Los Angeles when it was a small Mexican pueblo. She was the daughter of a ranchero. She married Abel Stearns, who was also a ranchero. Originally from the United States, Stearns moved to California and became a Mexican citizen. They both later became United States citizens when California became a state.

Bandini lived a life of great luxury. Her home in Los Angeles was known as El Palacio or the Palace. She traveled in a fine carriage. She also used her wealth to help Los Angeles grow. In her later years, she gave money to schools, parks, and hospitals for the city.

Arcadia Bandini lived to see Los Angeles enter modern times. At her death she was the state's wealthiest woman. In Los Angeles County today, a town, a park, and many other places are named Arcadia after her.

Comprehension Check

In what way did Bandini help Los Angeles grow?

Critical Thinking

Why do you think places in Los Angeles are named after Arcadia Bandini?