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Star Power

Some people want to be a “star” in order to get a lot of attention and make a lot of money. For others, however, being a star means having a chance to help people. That kind of a star is also considered a hero by many people.

She's Got Faith

Country music star Faith Hill knows how difficult life can be for people who cannot read. Hill's father never learned to read past a fourth-grade level. “My dad had to drop out of school at a young age to help support his family,” said Hill.

In 1996, Hill launched the Faith Hill Family Literacy Project. The project helps collect books and raise money for groups that teach people to read.

Hill asks fans to bring books to concerts. She and a national restaurant chain have collected more than a million books. Her hope is to “give an adult the inspiration to teach a child to read or [give] a child the resources he or she needs.”

Off-the-Field Work Is What Counts

Derrick Brooks is a star linebacker for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and owns a shiny Super Bowl ring. It's his work with kids, though, that makes him proud—and makes him a hero in the eyes of many kids and grown-ups.

Five years ago, Brooks began giving money to middle schools and to Boys and Girls Clubs in Tampa and St. Petersburg, Florida. He then founded the Brooks Bunch. Every year it helps a group of disadvantaged kids from the Boys and Girls Clubs in the Tampa Bay area. He sets aside 24 seats at every Buccaneers home game for children from the Brooks Bunch.

The Future Starts Now

Brooks began taking Brooks Bunch kids on trips to such places as New York City, the Grand Canyon, and South Africa. These trips give these children a chance to see things they may never have seen before. Brooks hopes that seeing new places will inspire kids to think big and be motivated to work hard in life.

Teens in the Brooks Bunch have to keep out of trouble, get good grades, and write papers on why they should be accepted into the group. “I want these kids to know they're shaping their futures right now,” Brooks said. “I'm just trying to give back.”