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She Fosters Love

Makenzie Snyder cares deeply about foster children. Foster children are kids who are raised by people who aren't their legal parents and aren't related by blood. These children often move from home to home until they are adopted, or they live with relatives.

Snyder, a teenager, thought that it was wrong that some children in foster care were given large plastic bags for their clothes and other items when they move to a new home. “Trash bags are for garbage and not for kids to use to carry their belongings,” she said.

So Snyder had an idea. The Maryland girl started Children to Children, a group that provides foster children with duffel bags, books, and teddy bears. That was seven years ago. Since then, her group has donated more than 28,000 duffel bags and has raised $50,000.

Honoring Those Who Help

“Helping others makes me feel good,” Snyder said. “I like to cheer up foster kids who have no real family.”

The Caring Institute recently honored Snyder and 10 other people with the National Caring Award. The award is given to people who have made an important difference in the lives of others.