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A group of college students has given new meaning to the word “recycling”. Beginning in mid-May of 2003, the students traveled from the East Coast to the West Coast aboard a bus that left behind the smell of fries and onion rings as it passed.

No, the students weren't chowing down on junk food. Their bus was using recycled vegetable oil as fuel. The students' college in Vermont provided about 200 gallons of vegetable oil to get the bus started. The vegetable oil had been used to fry chicken, potatoes, and other foods served in the cafeteria. As the students traveled across the country, they stopped at fast-food chains instead of gas stations to refuel the bus.

About a month later, the students ended their trip in Washington State. They hope their adventure will spread a message about protecting the environment. One of the students pointed out that vegetable oil makes less pollution than diesel fuel. And, he said, “It's using a resource that was going to be thrown away. . . .”