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Vicente Fox Quesada (kay SA duh) 1942-
Former President of Mexico

Vincente Fox grew up on a ranch in Mexico. Many of the people in his community were poor. Most of his friends did not get the same education he did. After leaving home to go to college, he worked for a successful soft drink company. He wanted to return, however, to his home state in the Central Plateau region to help his family's business. He also wanted to work in politics and make a difference in the people's lives.

He believed that the government made it hard for small businesses to earn money. He saw that schools and hospitals needed to be improved. Fox wanted to make changes in Mexico. He became governor of his state, then ran for president in 2000. Fox won the election. As president, he worked to create jobs, and improve schools and health care.

Comprehension Check

What was one reason why Fox wanted to be President of Mexico?

Critical Thinking

Why would Fox's government changes help Mexico?