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Anne Hutchinson 1591–1643
A Colonial Woman Who Stood Up for Her Beliefs

Anne Hutchinson's father spoke out against church rules he thought were unfair. Hutchinson learned from her father to speak up for what she believed in.

Anne Hutchinson grew up in England. In 1634, she moved to the Massachusetts Bay Colony with a religious group called the Puritans. They wanted a place to practice their religion. Puritan women were not allowed to speak in church, but Hutchinson held weekly meetings for women to talk about religion in her home. She did not agree with some Puritan teachings, and she spoke about them at her meetings. Puritan church and government leaders saw her as a threat to their power. They charged her with breaking the church's rules and the colony's laws and forced her to leave the colony. She joined a colony in Rhode Island where she could practice her beliefs more freely.

Comprehension Check

Who taught Anne Hutchinson to stand up for her beliefs?

Critical Thinking

In your opinion, was it right for Anne Hutchinson to speak about her beliefs, even if it meant trouble for herself?