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Dolores Huerta 1930–
Worked for the Rights of Farm Workers

Dolores Huerta's first job after college was teaching. She taught elementary school in California, where she grew up.

Huerta's students were the children of farm workers. Farm workers worked hard for little money. Their working conditions were not safe. Their children often did not have enough food or clothing. Huerta wanted to help them. So she quit her job and started an organization to help farm workers. She persuaded lawmakers to pass new laws to help farm workers.

Huerta became friends with another person who was helping farm workers, Cesar Chavez. Together, they started a group called the National Farm Workers Association. As a leader of this group, Huerta worked for better pay and safer conditions for farm workers. Today, Huerta still works hard to defend the rights of farm workers.

Comprehension Check

What did Huerta do after she stopped teaching?

Critical Thinking

Why do you think Huerta wanted to help farm workers?