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Linda Alvarado 1952–
Successful Business Owner

Linda Alvarado grew up in New Mexico in a family with five brothers. Alvarado learned a lot from her family. She learned to work hard from her parents. She learned about teamwork from her brothers. She learned to take chances and try new things. These lessons helped Alvarado succeed when she grew up and decided to start her own business.

Alvarado went to college in California. After college, she worked at a construction company. She helped to plan and build large buildings. Very few women worked in construction. Many people thought women did not belong there. Alvarado kept working in construction and did not worry about what people thought.

In 1976, she started her own construction company in Colorado. Her company, Alvarado Construction, builds airports, stadiums, and other large structures. Alvarado is also an owner of the Colorado Rockies baseball team. “Unless you try, you never know how much you can achieve,” she has said.

Comprehension Check

What did Alvarado do right after college?

Critical Thinking

What word would you use to describe Linda Alvarado? Explain your answer.