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Madeleine Albright 1937–
First Female Secretary of State

Madeleine Albright saw politics up close at an early age. Albright was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia (CHEHK sloh VHA kee uh). Her father worked for the government, and the family moved a lot. When Albright was 11, her family moved to the United States. By this time, she already had lived in five countries. and she knew four languages.

When she grew up, Albright wanted to work in government, too. In the 1970s, she worked at the White House. She helped make laws about the way the United States worked with other countries. At the White House, Albright became known for speaking her mind and staying calm under pressure.

In 1997, Albright became the Secretary of State. She helped President Bill Clinton work with other countries. Albright was the first woman to hold the job of Secretary of State. She was also the highest-ranking woman in the history of the United States government. She thought the United States should try to help people around the world. Albright met with many world leaders and faced many challenges, but she always believed in America's power to make a difference.

Comprehension Check

What did Madeleine Albright do as Secretary of State?

Critical Thinking

In what ways do you think knowing many languages helped Madeleine Albright?