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Firefighters Are Always Ready

Your town probably has a fire station, and you may have seen brightly colored fire trucks. Perhaps you have heard their loud sirens as they race down the street.

Some men and women go to special classes to learn how to become firefighters. They find out how to save people during a fire. They also study ways to put out fires. They learn how to use exactly the right tools to do their job.

Firefighters Practice

Firefighters practice putting out fires. This practice helps them know what to do during real fires.

Your school probably has one or two fire drills a year. This is your practice, so you'll know where to go and how to be safe if there is a fire at your school.

Firefighters Check Their Gear

Firefighters wear special clothing to keep them safe. Their clothing includes a helmet, a mask, a jacket, pants, and boots.

Firefighters do not wear their firefighting clothes all day. They put them on only to practice firefighting or to fight a real fire. They make sure their clothing is easy to find. They make sure their tools and fire truck are ready to go, too.

Firefighters Teach Fire Safety

Firefighters teach fire safety to grownups and to children. They teach people ways to keep fires from starting, such as not playing with matches. They also show people what to do if a fire starts.

If firefighters come to your school to talk to you about fire safety, be sure to listen carefully. They are working hard to keep you safe!