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General Colin Powell—Speech

The words below are from a speech or talk that General Colin Powell gave to thousands of people. He was telling about his life and why he and his family love the United States so much.

Primary Source

“My parents came to this country as immigrants over 70 years ago. They came here, as had millions of others, with nothing but hope, a willingness to work hard and a desire to use the opportunities given them by their new land. A land which they came to love with all their hearts.”

Excerpt from General Colin Powell's Republican National Convention Speech, 1996.


General Powell's parents were immigrants from Jamaica. They came to the United States for a better life. Even though they started with nothing, their son became a top leader in the United States. He went to public school in New York City and joined the army. He was in the army for 35 years and became one of its highest leaders. Later, the President of the United States asked General Powell to work for him as a leader in the government.