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Mayor Rudolph Giuliani's Goodbye Speech—Speech

How do you say goodbye when you are finished with something important? Read the words below to see how the leader of New York City said goodbye to New Yorkers just before he finished being their mayor.

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“Although I have to leave you as the mayor soon, I resume the much more honorable title of citizen: citizen of New York, and citizen of the United States. You get to be mayors and council members and congressmen and senators and governors and even presidents for short periods of time, but you'll always remain a citizen.”

Excerpt from Mayor Rudolph Giuliani's Farewell Address, 2001.


A mayor is the leader of a city or town's government. A mayor makes decisions to help the local government run smoothly. Every few years, a new mayor is chosen. Rudolph Giuliani was the mayor of New York City for many years. At the end of his time as mayor he gave a goodbye speech. A speech is a talk given to a group of people. Leaders give speeches to share their thoughts. In his speech, Giuliani said he would no longer be known as the mayor, but he would still be known as a citizen.