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Poster for a Farm Workers' Concert—Poster

Old posters that tell about past events can teach us how people lived long ago. The poster below tells about a concert in 1968 that made money for grape workers.

Primary Source

This poster announces a concert to raise money for the California farm workers.

Source: Library of Congress.


This poster was made to tell people about a concert that would help earn money for Calfornia's grape workers. In the past, grape workers and other farm workers were often treated unfairly. They worked hard and received very little pay. Sometimes their jobs were unsafe. In the 1960s, Cesar Chavez helped farm workers join together to gain better pay and working conditions. The farm workers went on strike and marched together to show the importance of their cause. The large words on the poster are in Spanish. Many of the farm workers spoke Spanish. In English, these words mean, “Long live Chavez!”, “Long live the cause!”, “Long live the strike!” The words “Long live” are used to show support for someone or something.