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Tecumseh 1768?–1813
American Indian Chief

Tecumseh (Teh COME suh) was born in what is today Ohio. Tecumseh was a Shawnee Indian. When Tecumseh was growing up, settlers were moving onto land where the Shawnee peoples lived. The settlers and the Shawnee fought over the land. Tecumseh's father was killed in a battle with settlers.

Tecumseh grew up to become a leader of the Shawnee. He was a brave and caring leader. Tecumseh did not want the United States to take any more American Indian land. He spent years traveling among American Indian groups. He gave strong speeches about joining together and fighting for the land. Many American Indians became followers of Tecumseh. He is remembered as a hero because he worked for the rights of American Indians.

Comprehension Check

Why is Tecumseh remembered as a hero?

Critical Thinking

Why did Tecumseh want to keep American Indian land?