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Molly Pitcher 1754?–1832
Fought in the American Revolution

Molly Pitcher's real name was Mary Hays. Her husband was a soldier in the American Revolution. At that time, wives sometimes went to war with their husbands.

One day, Mary Hays was with her husband during a battle. The day was very hot. She carried water to the thirsty soldiers. They gave her the nickname “Molly Pitcher.” Then her husband was shot. Mary bravely took his place. She helped load the cannon so it could keep firing.

Mary Hays told her story many times after the war. Over the years, her story became well known. Her nickname, “Molly Pitcher,” became a symbol of women's bravery and patriotism.

Comprehension Check

Why did soldiers nickname Mary Hays “Molly Pitcher?”

Critical Thinking

What word would you use to describe Mary Hays? Explain your answer.