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Zheng He 1371–1433
Ancient Chinese Explorer

Zheng He (JUNG HUH) was a Chinese sailor. He was one of the first people from China to lead more than 300 ships on trips to other countries. The Chinese ruler wanted Zheng He to show other countries the riches China had.

Zheng He went on seven trips to countries in Asia and Africa. He brought Chinese silk and porcelain to show to the people of those countries. Porcelain is a kind of pottery. The people of Asia and Africa liked the silk and porcelain. They wanted to trade with China to get those goods.

When Zheng He returned to China, he brought back pearls and spices from Africa and Asia. He also brought animals that no one in China had seen before, such as zebras and ostriches.

Comprehension Check

Why did Zheng He travel to other countries?

Critical Thinking

Why do you think other countries wanted to trade with China when they saw Zheng He's goods?